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A Game of Thrones - listen book free online
Author: George Martin
Categories: Fantasy
Reader: Roy Dotrice
Epic. That’s the word that pops up in one’s mind after the first thought about famous George Martin’s series "A Song of Ice and Fire”. Fantastic in their scope novels about Westeros impress the readers with realistic descriptions of merely everything and with detailed portrayal of the characters’ development. Everything began in 1991, when American writer George Martin started a book called "A Gam... Read More
The Forsyte Saga - listen book free online

John Galsworthy, one of the greatest British writers, was a representative of the literary tradition, which has regarded the novel as a lawful instrument of social propaganda. The Forsyte Saga is a history of three generations of the Forsyte family from the eighties of the 19th century up to the twenties of the 20th century. The Man of Property shows two successive generations of a rich upper-m... Read More