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Green Hills of Africa - listen book free online

"Green Hills of Africa” is a 1935 work of nonfiction by American writer Ernest Hemingway. It is an account of a month on safari he took in East Africa during December 1933. Accompanying Hemingway were his wife Pauline Pfeiffer Hemingway, a friend named Charles Thompson from Key West, Florida, a well-respected professional British hunter, Philip Percival, and a visitor Hans Koritschoner, an Aust... Read More

A Moveable Feast - listen book free online

In striving to be as objective and honest as possible, Ernest Hemingway hit upon the device of describing a series of actions by using short, simple sentences from which all comment or emotional rhetoric has been eliminated. The resulting terse, concentrated prose is concrete and unemotional yet is often resonant and capable of conveying great irony through understatement. Hemingway's next-door... Read More

The Summing Up - listen book free online

Nobody would dispute that William Somerset Maugham was a professional writer. He himself saw that as the only way to write, in order to be able to produce a body of meaningful work that would contribute to the field of literature. Besides the exigencies he puts on the writer, he also outlines the essential qualities of the critic, which are indeed demanding. W. Somerset Maugham was among the mo... Read More

Travels with Charley: In Search of America - listen book free online

John Steinbeck, the author of such classics as Of Mice and Men, The Grapes of Wrath, and East of Eden, remains firmly planted in the souls of his readers today. In September 1960, John Steinbeck and his poodle, Charley, embarked on a journey across America. The idea was that he, pretty much depleted as a novelist, would travel alone, stay at campgrounds and reconnect himself with the country by... Read More

John Barleycorn - listen book free online

Jack London was an American novelist and short-story writer whose best-known works depict elemental struggles for survival. London's life was tragically short but packed with episode and adventure. In John Barleycorn, he records his early hardships in Oakland, his experiences as an oyster pirate, deep-sea sealer, hobo, Yukon goldminer, student, drop-out, and - ultimately - best-selling author.... Read More

The People of the Abyss - listen book free online

The People of the Abyss is a book by Jack London about life in the East End of London in 1902. He wrote this first-hand account after living in the East End, including the Whitechapel District, within Central and East London, for several weeks, sometimes staying in workhouses or sleeping on the streets. There had been several previous accounts of slum conditions in England, most notably The Con... Read More

Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science - listen book free online

Atul Gawande is an American surgeon, writer, and public health researcher. He practices general and endocrine surgery at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science is a nonfiction book collection of essays. Gawande wrote this during his general surgery residency at Brigham and Women's Hospital and was published in 2002 by Pica... Read More

Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End - listen book free online

Atul Gawande is an American surgeon, writer, and public health researcher. He is a professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Samuel O. Thier Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. Medicine has triumphed in modern times, transforming birth, injury, and infectious disease from harrowing to manageable. But in the i... Read More

The Checklist Manifesto: How to Get Things Right - listen book free online

Atul Gawande is an American surgeon, writer, and public health researcher. In public health, he is executive director of Ariadne Labs, a joint center for health systems innovation, and chairman of Lifebox. We live in a world of great and increasing complexity, where even the most expert professionals struggle to master the tasks they face. Longer training, ever more advanced technologies - neit... Read More

Better: A Surgeon's Notes on Performance - listen book free online

Atul Gawande is an American surgeon, writer, and public health researcher. He has written extensively on medicine and public health for The New Yorker and Slate and is the author of the books Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science; Better; The Checklist Manifesto; and Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End. On June 20, 2018, Dr Gawande was named the CEO of a recent... Read More

Against Medical Advice - listen book free online

James Brendan Patterson is an American author and philanthropist. Among his works are the Alex Cross, Michael Bennett, Women's Murder Club, Maximum Ride, Daniel X, NYPD Red, Witch and Wizard, and Private series, as well as many stand-alone thrillers, non-fiction and romance novels. In November 2015, Patterson received the Literarian Award from the National Book Foundation. Against Medical Advic... Read More

Youth - listen book free online

Joseph Conrad was born in Berdyczow, which, at the time of his birth, on December 3, 1857, was a city in Ukraine. Determined to be a sailor, Conrad left home at 16 and moved to Marseilles, France, where he began his apprenticeship, working entry-level positions on several merchant ships. His career floundered, however, when he learned that to continue this line of work he needed the permission... Read More

An Autobiography - listen book free online

Reading Agatha Christie’s autobiography is like sitting down to tea with an especially chatty, good-natured person. Through some seventy mystery novels and thrillers as well as 149 short stories and more than a dozen plays, Agatha Christie helped create the form of classic detective fiction, in which a murder is committed and many are suspected. In the end, all but one of the suspects are elimi... Read More