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Loss of Breath - listen book free online

Loss of Breath, also known as Loss of Breath: A Tale Neither In Nor Out of 'Blackwood, is an American tale written by Edgar Allan Poe and signed under the pseudonym "Littleton Barry" when published. Inspired by the rapid scientific developments during the nineteenth century and pre-war period, Poe and other writers commonly expressed their ideas and perspective about the newfound medical cultur... Read More

Metzengerstein - listen book free online

Metzengerstein: A Tale in Imitation of the German was the first short story by American writer and poet Edgar Allan Poe to see print. It was first published in the pages of Philadelphia's Saturday Courier magazine, in 1832. Metzengerstein follows many conventions of Gothic fiction and, to some, exaggerates those conventions. There was a time long ago when some Hungarians believed that the soul... Read More

Mystery of Marie Rogêt - listen book free online

The Mystery of Marie Rogêt often subtitled A Sequel to "The Murders in the Rue Morgue", is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe written in 1842. Although it also focuses on Dupin’s solving of crime primarily from newspaper reports, is actually based on the murder of a young girl, Mary Cecilia Rogers, near New York City. Because the crime had not been solved when Poe wrote the story, he made use of... Read More