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Eragon - listen book free online
Christopher Paolini is a relatively young American writer, who became famous for his four books about the boy called Eragon. By the way, thanks to this series Paolini joined the Guinness World Records as the youngest author of a bestseller. In the tetralogy, named after the main character, we follow the story of a common village boy, who is destined for great deads. Everything starts when during a... Read More
Eragon Eldest - listen book free online
Christopher Paolini is an American fantasy author, is only 34 years old, however, he is internationally renowned and included to Guinness World Records as the youngest bestseller writer. The thing that made him this famous is the series of four books about Eragon. Since childhood, Christopher Paolini was keen on literature and spent all his time in libraries. As a child, he tried to write some poe... Read More
Eragon Brisingr - listen book free online
Those who love fantasy for sure know the name of popular and successful American writer ChristopherPaolini. His first book was issued when he was only fifteen years old, and it immediately became the world bestseller. It was the first part of the series about the boy Eragon and female blue dragon Saphire. The book stayed on the list of bestsellers by 'The New York Time' for a record period of time... Read More
Inheritance - listen book free online
Categories: Fantasy
Reader: Gerard Doyle
Christopher Paolini is one of the most read and popular modern American authors in the fantasy genre. He was fascinated by literature since the early age, though it is not a surprise, as he was born and raised in a family of a teacher and literary agent. Being homeschooled, Pauline started to write poems and short stories in early childhood. At fifteen he published the first book of the future ‘In... Read More
Edge of Danger - listen book free online

Jack Higgins, real name Henry Patterson, is a British writer and one of the best-selling authors of popular thrillers and espionage novels. His 85 novels in total have sold over 150 million copies and have been translated into 55 languages. Patterson began using the pseudonym Jack Higgins in the late 1960s; his first minor bestsellers appeared in the early 1970s, two contemporary thrillers The... Read More