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The Odyssey - listen book free online
Author: Homer
Probably, everyone has once heard about Odyssey, the Greek hero who traveled the seas, trying to get back home. But a rare person can boast of reading the complete poem. Now we would like to give you an opportunity to listen online to this masterpiece, as audiobook 'The Odyssey' is released. It is said to be the second oldest writing in the Western literature, which was first written in the 8th ce... Read More
The Iliad - listen book free online
Author: Homer
If you consider antic literature to be something boring and tiresome, you should try ‘The Iliad’. This epic poem was written in Ancient Greece around 8th century BC, but it contains everything a good blockbuster needs: love, betrayal, war, divine intervention. The poem itself is about the last days of Trojan War. The war itself lasted for ten years, and its reason was love. Helen, the most beautif... Read More