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The Great Gatsby - listen book free online
Are you looking for a fabulous audio book to listen online to? Pay your attention to the «The Great Gatsby» by Scott Fitzgerald. Written in 1925 this novel is set in luxurious Long Island in Roaring Twenties, when party never dies. A young man, from whose point of view the story is told, comes to New York to work on WalL Street, where money are so easy to get. He rents a small cottage in Long Isla... Read More
Tender Is the Night - listen book free online

Before Francis Scott Fitzgerald died at the age 44, he thought he was a failure. His obituaries described him as an obscure writer who never fulfilled his early promise. Twenty years later, Fitzgerald was universally recognized as one of the great literary figures of the century and The Great Gatsby was widely acclaimed as one of the greatest novels of the modern era. Tender Is the Night is the... Read More