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The mystery surrounding Edgar Allan Poe's death has led to many myths and urban legends. The reality is that no one knows for sure what happened during the last few days of his life. On September 30, he meant to go to New York but supposedly took the wrong train to Baltimore. On October 3, Poe was found at Gunner's Hall, a public house at 44 East Lombard Street, and was taken to the hospital. He lapsed in and out of consciousness but was never able to explain exactly what happened to him. Edgar Allan Poe died in the hospital on Sunday, October 7, 1849. Eulalie was first published in American Review: A Whig Journal in 1845 with the title "Eulalie - A Song". It is about a man who finally overcomes his depression by marrying a beautiful woman named Eulalie. Three stanzas create this poem and the first has five lines while the rest have eight. The last three lines in each stanza rhyme. In the first stanza, the first two lines also rhyme. In the other two stanzas, the third line is the only line which does not rhyme with another line. Edgar Allen Poe’s short but mysterious and convoluted life is reflected in his poetry, which grew sombre and dark after the death of his wife. His lifelong struggle with alcoholism and depression, connected with the perpetually unstable condition of his family and residence made him the way he was, one of the most honoured among the contemporary American poets. You can listen online to free English audiobook “Eulalie” by Edgar Allan Poe on our website. Enjoy it!

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