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The Black Cat

The Black Cat is a short story by American writer Edgar Allan Poe. The Black Cat is told from the perspective of an insane narrator who, in his own words, does not expect the reader to believe him. He tells the reader up front that he is scheduled to die the following day, but the reader doesn't find out why until the end of the story. After setting up his story from this perspective, the man tells the reader about a cat named Pluto he used to have as a pet. He describes Pluto as a remarkably large, beautiful animal, entirely black. The narrator's wife jokes that the cat might be a witch in disguise, given its unusual intelligence. The narrator and Pluto have a close bond. He takes care of Pluto, and Pluto follows him everywhere around the house. It is a very tender relationship. Then, everything goes wrong. The narrator, an alcoholic, starts getting angry at everyone. He mistreats his wife and their other animals, but he never hurts Pluto. But one night, the narrator comes home drunk and thinks Pluto is avoiding him. He grabs the cat, who bites him. In retaliation, the narrator cuts out one of the cat's eyes. After he sleeps off his drunken state, the narrator is horrified about his actions. It is not enough to get him to stop drinking, though. The cat's eye socket heals, but Pluto and the narrator no longer have a good relationship. Pluto starts to avoid the narrator all the time. Instead of feeling remorseful, the narrator just feels irritated at the cat's behaviour. Listen online to free English audiobook "The Black Cat” on our website to experience Edgar Allan Poe's novel.

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