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Eleonora is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe, first published in 1842 in Philadelphia in the literary annual The Gift. It is often regarded as somewhat autobiographical. The unnamed narrator recollects two distinct periods or chapters in his life.  The first one ends with the premature death of his beloved cousin Eleonora.  The second one ends with his marriage to Ermengarde, his heartthrob of late. During the first phase, the narrator recollects all the wonderful moments he spent with his cousin Eleonora, whom he was about to marry if not for her terminally declining health.  This morbid stipulation of time only heightens their love for each other.  Instead of dousing interest in the relationship, it serves as a catalyst in consolidating the lovers’ bond… The short story Eleonora is a lyrical testament to the power of romantic love.  A story without any plot whatsoever, its aesthetics lies in the portrayal of depths of passion and the glory of love.  It is as much a eulogy to love as it is an excuse for breaking off past promises.  Yet, there is no contradiction here, as the promises made to the protagonist’s previous lover have eroded in relevance in the narrator’s ‘second epoch of life’ as he calls it.  German physician Friedrich Anton Mesmer’s scientific method of delving into the human psyche is of help in analyzing the story, for it provides a medium with access to the subject’s inner world and secrets that lay beyond human existence. You can listen online to free English audiobook “Eleonora” by Edgar Allan Poe on our website. Enjoy it!

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