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Ten Indians

American novelist and short-story writer awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954 Ernest Hemingway’ was raised in Oak Park, Illinois. After high school, he was leaving for the Italian Front in World War I. In 1918, he was seriously wounded and returned home. Hemingway's legacy to American literature is his style and also the extent of Hemingway's influence is seen in the tributes and echoes of his fiction in popular culture. Published in 1927 in the compendium Men Without Women, "Ten Indians" is part of the saga of Nick Adams's development. Hemingway's title alludes to the children's song of 1864, "Ten Little Indians," and is suggestive of Dr Adams's sadistic remarks to Nick at the narrative's end. This title and some of the dialogue also illustrate the callous attitudes toward Native Americans in the setting of the story. Nick is together with the Garner’s family on the road to back home after celebrating the independence day of America. They are on a big wagon which is ridden by Joe Garner then pass nine drunken Indians along the road. Joe Garner stops the wagon and drags one of the Indians who is unconscious into the bushes. The story had a lot going on in it as usual with Hemingway. One of the conflict and climax points that most emphasized discrimination against Indians are when Nick wants an answer from his father who said that he saw Prudence Mitchell with Frank Washburn when he was taking a walk in the Indian camp. Enjoy free online English audiobook “Ten Indians”, one of the most interesting short stories by Ernest Hemingway.

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