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Mostly Harmless


Douglas Adams was an English writer best known for the science fiction series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The series which originated as a BBC radio comedy before developing into a phenomenally successful book series also spawned a television series, stage plays and video games. Intelligent and creative from an early age, he started writing when he was in school. He received much encouragement from his teacher Frank Halford who greatly appreciated the boy’s writing skills. He started writing for his school magazine and had a short story of his published nationally in the boys' comic, The Eagle when he was 12. Adams was an advocate for environmentalism and conservation, a lover of fast cars, technological innovation and the Apple Macintosh, and a self-proclaimed radical atheist. Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams centres around the potential breakdown of the Galaxy. The three main characters go on individual missions ruled by chaos and disorder. Arthur Dent searches for a new life, Ford Prefect fights the bad guys and Tricia McMillian boards an alien spaceship. The experiences of all three characters seal the fate of the Galaxy. The novel opens with a computer program in complete meltdown mode on the Grebulon ship. The central mission module is damaged beyond repair. The crew's memories, identities and understanding are in the module. Therefore, they lose their minds. Listen online to free English audiobook "Mostly Harmless” on our website to experience Douglas Adams’s novel.

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