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The Restaurant at the End of the Universe


The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a comedy science fiction series created by Douglas Adams. The book was adapted from the remaining material in the radio series, covering from the fifth episode to the twelfth episode, although the ordering was greatly changed, and most of the Brontitall incident was omitted, instead of the Haggunenon sequence, co-written by John Loyd, the Disaster Area stunt ship was substituted, this having first been introduced in the LP version. Adams himself considered Restaurant to be his best novel of the five. In The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, Zaphod is separated from the others and finds he is part of a conspiracy to uncover who really runs the Universe. Arthur inadvertently overloads the computer’s systems by asking for a good cup of English tea. When the approaching Vogon ship, sent to kill Arthur and Trillian because of their ties with Earth, opens fire on the Heart of Gold, the computer is so focused on brewing a pot of tea that it cannot devote the needed resources to provide an adequate defence. The characters once again narrowly escape what appears to be certain death when Zaphod manages to summon his great-grandfather to bail them out. As a result of that rescue, Zaphod and Marvin mysteriously disappear from the ship, finding themselves in the offices of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the self-proclaimed repository of all knowledge… Enjoy free online English audiobook “The Restaurant at the End of the Universe”, a breathtaking novel by Douglas Adams.

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