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The Ladykiller


Martina Cole is a British crime writer, businesswoman and occasional television presenter. Cole was brought up in Aveley, Essex. As of 2015, she has released twenty-two novels about crime, most of which examine London's gangster underworld. Four of her novels, Dangerous Lady, The Jump, The Take and The Runaway have been adapted into high-rating television dramas. She has achieved sales of over fourteen million in the UK alone and her tenth novel, The Know, spent seven weeks on The Sunday Times hardback best-sellers list. In the novel, DI Kate Burrows is about to enter an investigation that will change her career and personal life forever. But she has no idea just what this killer is capable of, and how much she might be putting at risk to find him. He hides in plain sight. His victims wouldn’t even notice the Grantley Ripper at first. But his attack on the daughter of a notorious gangster is about to propel him into the media spotlight. And soon his victims will no longer get out alive. She’ll do anything to catch him… In 2008 Martina Cole presented a drama-documentary series on ITV3 called Martina Cole's Lady Killers, which told the story of six of history's most notorious female serial killers, including Myra Hindley, Beverly Allitt and Rose West. Cole explored the reasons why women kill, and why society is surprised when they do. Each programme told the story of an individual killer with expert analysis and dramatic reconstruction. Enjoy free online English audiobook “The Ladykiller”, a breathtaking novel by Martina Cole.

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