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Two Women


Martina Cole is a British crime writer, businesswoman and occasional television presenter. Cole was brought up in Aveley, Essex. As of 2015, she has released twenty-two novels about crime, most of which examine London's gangster underworld. Four of her novels, Dangerous Lady, The Jump, The Take and The Runaway have been adapted into high-rating television dramas. She has achieved sales of over fourteen million in the UK alone and her tenth novel, The Know, spent seven weeks on The Sunday Times hardback best-sellers list. Three of Cole's novels have been adapted for the stage by the Theatre Royal, Stratford East, London: Two Women in 2010; The Graft in 2011, and Cole's first novel, Dangerous Lady in 2012. In Two Women, danger and violence have always been part of Sue Dalston’s East End upbringing. Unloved by her mother, abused by her father, and brutalised throughout her entire marriage, she’s convicted of smashing her husband’s skull in a final act of desperation. All that keeps her sane is knowing that she’s done it to protect her four children. At last, they are safe from harm. When she is called up with murderess Matilda Enderby, their fates become inextricably linked… Enjoy free online English audiobook “Two Women”, a breathtaking novel by Martina Cole.

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