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The Godmakers


The Godmakers is a science fiction novel by Frank Herbert. In the far future, a massive galactic empire stretched across the galaxy. However, a devastating series of wars, the Rim Wars between, destabilized and cut off numerous planets from the control of the galactic centre. Five hundred years later two organizations, the Rediscovery and Reeducation Service and I-A, seek to reintegrate planets, often if deemed dangerous with whatever force is necessary, that have lost contact with the galactic centre. The overarching purpose of both organizations is to prevent another Rim War. Lewis Orne is a young agent of R & R who ran away from the dominating women in his family who wanted him to enter politics.  On his first solo assignment on the planet of Hamal, he correctly discovers that the supposedly peaceful society is actually a warlike one waiting to pounce.  He contacts I-A who send in the abrasive and snarky agent Stentson, who becomes Lewis’ mentor. Stentson agrees with his assessment and detects great promise in the young man and promotes him to I-A. Unbeknownst to both of them, Lewis Orne is the “creation” of the Abbod and his monks of the planet of Amel in his class “Religious Engineering” i.e. “God Making”.  Making a god is fraught with danger due to the fact that “having made a god, we achieve something paradoxically no longer our creation   We could well come the creation of that which we create.” Enjoy free online English audiobook “The Godmakers”, a novel by Frank Herbert.

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