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Destination: Void


Destination: Void is a science fiction novel by American author Frank Herbert, the first set in the Destination: Void universe. It first appeared in Galaxy Magazine in August 1965, under the title "Do I Wake or Dream?", but was published as Destination: Void in book form the following year. In the novel’s future, humans have overcome the problems of cloning, and are moving on to artificial intelligence, which isn’t going so great. As a testbed for their concepts, they load up spaceships with clones, viewed as expendable, disposable property, and send them into space, to colonize a planet in the Tau Ceti galaxy. These voyages include solar-powered spaceships laden with thousands of hibernating colonists and their supplies, everything needed to start a new colony. This is the seventh attempted voyage of the Earthling, the previous six batches of clones having all been destroyed under circumstances still kept a secret from its crew. The clones are provided with a trio of Organic Mental Cores, which are human brains hardwired to the ship as a more advanced, semi-conscious computing system. And all three have burnt out and failed, the last one killing half of the non-hibernating crew. Now, the survivors have jury-rigged the ship enough to pilot it on manual, and have woken up one of their backups, and begin formulating plans to accomplish their mission, and, moreover, survive… Enjoy free online English audiobook “Destination: Void”, a breathtaking novel by Frank Herbert.

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