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The King's Deception


Steve Berry is an American author and former attorney. He is a graduate of Mercer University's Walter F. George School of Law. He was a trial lawyer for 30 years and held elective office for 14 of those years. Steve Berry is a founding member of International Thriller Writers, a group of nearly 4,000 thriller writers from around the world, and served three years as its co-president. The King’s Deception is a novel about families, deceit, and revenge that ricochets between present-day London and Elizabethan England. The story goes that Elizabeth I was sent by her father, Henry VIII, to stay in the village of Bisley to escape a bubonic plague outbreak in London. She was 10 years old at the time. While in Bisley, she fell sick with an unknown illness and died. Her minders, terrified that Henry VIII would blame them, replaced Elizabeth with a lookalike. As it happened, the only person in Bisley who looked vaguely like the princess was a boy. Also, the author plunges the reader back to the royal court of the Tudors through historical letters realistically woven into the plot. We learn of Henry the Eighth’s mistresses, his illegitimate children, and the fury mixed with fear so many well-born families felt toward the king and his bloody reign. From copies of these ancient documents, Malone discovers a fantastical story that could bring down the British government and create chaos throughout the United Kingdom… You can listen online to free English audiobook “The King's Deception” by Steve Berry on our website.

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