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Blockade Billy


Stephen Edwin King is an American author of suspense, horror, sci-fi and fantasy books. He was interested in horror books and stories and used to read EC’s horror comics. His writing career started when he started writing articles for his brother’s newspaper. The author who mostly publishes under his real name also used to publish under the pseudonym ‘Richard Bachman’. Funnily enough, the sale of Richard Bachman’s books increased manifold after it was revealed that Bachman was none other than Stephen King himself. King is a highly prolific writer and the winner of multiple awards including the prestigious Bram Stoker Awards. His first published novel was Carrie which was so successful that it led to several films and Broadway adaptations. Blockade Billy tells the story of William "Blockade Billy" Blakely, a fictional baseball catcher who briefly played for the New Jersey Titans during the 1957 season. The novella took King two weeks to write. William "Blockade Billy" Blakely may have been the greatest baseball player the game has ever seen, but today no one remembers his name. He was the first and only player to have his existence completely removed from the record books. Every effort was made to erase any evidence William Blakely played professional baseball, and with good reason. Blockade Billy had a secret darker than any pill or injection that might cause a scandal in sports today. His secret was much, much worse… Listen online to free English audiobook "Blockade Billy” on our website to experience Stephen King’s novel.

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