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The House on the Strand


Daphne du Maurier is one of the most successful and prolific authors of the 20th century, with a writing career that spanned more than 40 years. During World War II, though, Browning was stationed in France and du Maurier focused on her second love: Menabilly. She leased the house while Browning was still in France, in spite of the fact that it was almost completely dilapidated. Soon after her husband's death in 1965, du Maurier moved to Kilmarth, where she wrote her last two novels, The House on The Strand and Rule Brittania. In The House on the Strand, Dick Kilmarth experiments with a hallucinogenic drug that transports him back to the fourteenth century Cornwall, just before the onset of the Black Death. His initial encounter is so overwhelming that he knows he must repeat it, even though he suffers horrible aftereffects. The more he finds modern life unsatisfying, the more he is compelled to return to a time when people and events seemed bigger than life. Du Maurier cleverly manipulates the parallels between Dick’s real and imaginary worlds so as to enlist sympathy for Dick’s rejection of the real world. Dick, who is married to a shrewish woman named Vita, who has two loutish sons from a previous marriage, is thoroughly disenchanted with the emptiness and boredom of modern life in general… Just push the play button and enjoy the free online English audiobook “The House on the Strand” on our website!

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