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Incubus Dreams

American author Laurell K. Hamilton was interested in horror fiction from an early age, citing Robert E. Howard as one of her earliest favourites. Hamilton has commented that Arkansas rural horror stories were part of her childhood, as well as the real-life horrors of recalling in detail the crash scene of her mother’s death and the physical abuse her grandfather inflicted on her grandmother. According to Hamilton’s official website, her work contains a mix of “mystery, fantasy, magic, horror, and romance.” Incubus Dreams is the twelfth in the Anita Blake series. In her job as an animator, Anita must respond to the request of Barbara and Steve Brown that Anita raises their dead son, Stevie Brown, a high school student murdered three years earlier, probably by an acquaintance. Anita explains that it is not possible to raise a murder victim and question them, because that kind of zombie has only one purpose, but agrees to assist the police in investigating the murder. Anita's personal life becomes increasingly complex, both as a result of Anita's increasing ardeur and as a result of the personal problems of the various people involved. In particular, Nathaniel has decided that his relationship with Anita should advance to a sexual relationship, Damian continues to struggle with his role as Anita's vampire servant, and Anita's love-hate relationship with Richard remains as powerful as ever… Listen online to free English audiobook "Incubus Dreams” on our website to experience Laurell K. Hamilton's work.

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