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The Odyssey

Probably, everyone has once heard about Odyssey, the Greek hero who traveled the seas, trying to get back home. But a rare person can boast of reading the complete poem. Now we would like to give you an opportunity to listen online to this masterpiece, as audiobook 'The Odyssey' is released. It is said to be the second oldest writing in the Western literature, which was first written in the 8th century BC. There is no proof regarding the real author of the poem, but it is mainly attributed to Homer. Though the story of Odyssey is known for more than 2000 years, it is still a captivating reading. The war for Troy is over and Odyssey, the king of Ithaca, goes home. Unfortunately, he has somehow offended Poseidon, the god of seas, who now prevents him from reaching the shores of the homeland. The journey lasts for 10 years and contains numerous adventures. Meanwhile, Penelope, Odyssey's wife, waits faithfully to her husband, though many men of Ithaca want to marry her. Listen online to an unabridged audiobook 'The Odyssey' to learn more about the fate of Odyssey and his family.
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