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Blue Moon

Laurell Kaye Hamilton is an American horror and fantasy writer. She was born in Heber Springs, Arkansas but grew up in Sims, Indiana. Her mother was killed in a car crash in 1969. Her principal work is the Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series, published by Penguin Group, originally under their Ace Books imprint and now under Berkley Books. In 2000, she branched out and started the new Merry Gentry series about a fairy princess turned private investigator. Her New York Times-bestselling Anita Blake: Vampire Hunter series centres on Anita Blake, a professional zombie raiser, vampire executioner and supernatural consultant for the police, which includes novels, short story collections, and comic books. Six million copies of Anita Blake novels are in print. Blue Moon is the eighth in the Anita Blake series of horror, mystery, and erotica novels. Anita receives a call from Richard's brother Daniel. Daniel explains that Richard has been arrested for alleged rape, and is refusing to hire a lawyer. Anita leaves for Myerton, over the objection of the local Master of the City, with Asher, Damian, and most of the wereleopards as a backup. Once there, Anita must simultaneously attempt to uncover why local police have framed Richard and deal with Colin, the local Master of the City, who views her arrival as an act of war… Listen online to free English audiobook "Blue Moon” on our website to experience Laurell K. Hamilton's work.