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How to Twist a Dragon's Tale


How to Train Your Dragon is a series of twelve children's books, written by British author Cressida Cowell. The books are set in a fictional Viking world and focus on the experiences of protagonist Hiccup as he overcomes great obstacles on his journey of Becoming a Hero, the Hard Way. The books were published by Hodder Children's Books in the UK and by Little, Brown and Company in the US. The first book was published in 2003 and the last one in 2015. As of 2015, the series has sold more than seven million copies around the world. Cowell published the supplementary spin-off stories as part of the series: The Day of the Dreader is a short story published in 2012 and the novella How To Train Your Viking was published as part of World Book Day 2006 and is claimed to be written by the dragon Toothless and translated by Cowell. How to Twist a Dragon's Tale is the fifth book in the How To Train Your Dragon book series. It was released in 2007 in the UK on July 1, and in 2008 in the US. The story begins with the children on a herding exercise for their Pirate Training Program. Soon, because of Toothless, it all goes amiss, but they are soon distracted by a huge fire rolling down the mountainside. The fire is discovered to be the doing of the Extermintators, big, evil, fire dragons. While most of the kids escape on Gobber's riding dragon, Goliath, Hiccup and Gobber are left to defend themselves, because Goliath is killed by the Exterminators… You can listen online to free English audiobook “How to Twist a Dragon's Tale” by Cressida Cowell on our website.

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