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Seducing an Angel


Mary Balogh is a Welsh-Canadian novelist writing historical romance. She was born and raised in Swansea, Wales, daughter of Mildred "Double", a homemaker, and Arthur Jenkins, a signwriter and painter. She moved to Canada on a two-year teaching contract in 1967 after leaving university. As an adult, Balogh discovered the world of the Regency romance as written by Georgette Heyer. The vast majority of Balogh's novels have been set in Regency or Georgian England or Wales. Seducing an Angel is the fourth novel in Huxtable Family Quintet. Mary Balogh sweeps us into a world of scandal and intrigue and introduces the youngest Huxtable: Stephen, the only son. Here Stephen will risk his reputation and his heart as he enters a scandalous liaison with the infamous beauty intent on seduction. Initially, Cassandra Belmont, Lady Paget, is not particularly appealing. She has a dark secret in her past and that she's looking to seduce a man into making her his mistress because she needs the money. Her attention lights on Stephen Huxtable, a man regularly described in this book as looking angelic, and she sets about her seduction. She's successful - we expect this - but from that point on things don't work out entirely as she wants. The affair would seem to be over almost before it has begun. Stephen's conscience, however, moves him in more than one way, and he has a proposition of his own to make to the conniving, near-destitute widow. Suddenly the tables have been turned… Listen online to free English audiobook "Seducing an Angel” on our website to experience Mary Balogh's work.

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