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Three and One are One

Ambrose Bierce was an American journalist, short story writer and, editorialist. His main occupations were in the writing or editing field, although he also played the satire. He had a very distinctive style of writing which embraced an abrupt beginning, dark imagery, limited descriptions, the theme of war, impossible events, and vague references to time. Bierce wrote realistically of the terrible things he had seen in the war in such stories as "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge", "A Horseman in the Sky", "One of the Missing", and "Chickamauga". His grimly realistic cycle of 25 war stories has been called "the greatest anti-war document in American literature". In Three and One are One, Barr Lassiter comes from a poor Southern family and chooses to fight for the North despite this putting him at odds with his family.  While with the Federal army, they at one point return to his city of origin during a campaign.  The city has been taken by the Federal troops and so Barr decides to visit his home.  Inside his home, h finds his family members.  He tries to talk to them and explain to them but they merely ignore him and leave him.  He leaves and as he returns the next day, he encounters a friend who offers to accompany him.  As they arrive at the house, it is a burnt out shell and the friend explains that the family had died a year ago when it was bombed… Listen online to free English audiobook "Three and One are One” on our website to experience Ambrose Bierce's work.

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