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The Short Stories

Ambrose Bierce, in full Ambrose Gwinnett Bierce, was an American newspaperman, wit, satirist, and author of sardonic short stories based on themes of death and horror. Bierce was born in a log cabin at Horse Cave Creek in Meigs County, Ohio, on June 24, 1842, to Marcus Aurelius Bierce and Laura Sherwood Bierce. He was of entirely English ancestry: all of his forebears came to North America between 1620 and 1640 as part of the Great Puritan Migration. He often wrote critically of both "Puritan values" and people who "made a fuss" about genealogy. His parents were a poor but literary couple who instilled in him a deep love for books and writing. Bierce grew up in Kosciusko County, Indiana, attending high school at the county seat, Warsaw. He left home at 15 to become a printer's devil at a small abolitionist Ohio newspaper, the Northern Indianan. Ambrose Bierce is best known for his short stories, many of which combine the experience of the Civil War with psychologically or supernaturally uncanny events. He was also a cutting newspaper columnist, and his satirical mode is evident in works such as The Devil’s Dictionary. His satirical political writings earned him attention and no small degree of notoriety in his time, as well as the nickname “Bitter Bierce.” Horror and the supernatural are the backgrounds of Bierce's short stories. His style is marked by vivid description, grim situations, and sardonic twists of fate. You can listen online to free English audiobook “The Short Stories” by Ambrose Bierce on our website.

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