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Rafael Sabatini was an Italian-English writer of romance and adventure novels. After a brief stint in the business world, Sabatini went to work as a writer. He wrote short stories in the 1890s, and his first novel came out in 1902. His most famous works have been translated into the classic swashbuckling films Captain Blood and Scaramouche. However, these books represent a small fraction of Sabatini's work. A popular author during his lifetime, he produced 31 novels, 8 short novel/short story collections, 6 nonfiction books, numerous short stories, and a play. Several of his novels were adapted into films during the silent era, and the first three of these books were made into notable films in the sound era, in 1940, 1952, and 1935 respectively. Scaramouche is a historical novel, originally published in 1921. The book is set at the time of the French Revolution and our hero, André-Louis Moreau, is not your average beefy himbo. He is eloquent, rational and exceptionally enthusiastic and thought to be the illegitimate son of the local seigneur, brought up to be a lawyer. Moreau’s parentage is unknown, but it is widely believed that Moreau is the illegitimate son of Kercadiou, who has also been raising his own niece Aline. Ambitious to join Versailles high society, Aline is being courted by the powerful and much older Marquis de La Tour d’Azur, considered one of the best swordsmen in France… You can listen online to free English audiobook “Scaramouche” by Rafael Sabatini on our website.

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