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Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish novelist and travel writer. Between the years 1880 to 1887, Stevenson searched in vain for a suitable climate to accommodate his poor health. He and Fanny eventually settled in Bournemouth in July 1884 in the house named 'Skerryvore'. Stevenson was very ill throughout the years he lived at Skerryvore and often unable to leave the house. In 1885 he published A Child's Garden of Verses, The Dynamiter, and Prince Otto. Jekyll and Hyde and Kidnapped followed in 1886, and The Merry Men was published in 1887. It was through these texts, written and published in quick succession, that Stevenson was able to establish his reputation as a serious author. First published in 1885 in an annual aimed at the Christmas market, the Robert Louis Stevenson story "Markheim" was an unlikely candidate for such a volume. True, the story is set on Christmas day, it opens with an ostensible quest for a last-minute present, and there is an encounter with the supernatural. A man named Markheim has come even though the store is officially closed, and the rather shady dealer points out that whenever he comes to visit after hours. Surrounded by mirrors and ominously ticking clocks, and with only a candle to light up the dark shop, Markheim spends some minutes recovering his nerve when he hears someone moving about upstairs, though he knows the dealer's maidservant has taken the day off and no one should be there… You can listen online to free English audiobook “Markheim” by Robert Louis Stevenson on our website.

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