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Joseph Conrad was born to Polish gentry parents in Berdyczów, Ukraine, then part of the vast Russian Empire. He is widely considered to be one of the most important and influential English novelists of high modernism. His output includes several volumes of short fiction and nonfiction as well as a volume of plays. Numerous writers and critics have commented that Conrad's fictional works, written largely in the first two decades of the 20th century, seem to have anticipated later world events. Typhoon is a novella, begun in 1899 and serialized in Pall Mall Magazine in 1902. Tom MacWhirr, the captain of the steamer Nan-Shan. His job is to take two hundred Chinese coolies to their destination of Fu-Chau and to do so directly and without delay. Young Mr Jukes, MacWhirr’s first mate, full of himself, curious about others, always rushing off to meet trouble before it comes, is satiric concerning MacWhirr’s limitations, especially his literal-mindedness, his inability to communicate with others in ordinary terms, and his taciturnity. For his part, MacWhirr is amazed at Jukes’s capacity for small talk and his use of metaphorical language, for MacWhirr himself notes only the facts by which he lives. However, he is astute enough to respect in others the ability to perform their tasks ably. The obstacle to the plan of this voyage is the typhoon, presenting MacWhirr with the central dilemma of the novella as he must decide whether to proceed straight into the hurricane or run from it… Listen online to free English audiobook "Typhoon” on our website to experience Joseph Conrad's work.

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