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Jack and Jill


James Brendan Patterson is an American author and philanthropist. It was Patterson who first showed that television advertising could work for books. More radically, he has demonstrated that working with co‑writers can dramatically multiply sales. Patterson has been criticized for co-authoring many of his books and for being more of a brand that focuses on making money than an artist who focuses on his craft. By the early 1990s, Patterson had modified his approach to writing fiction, adopting a style characterized by unadorned prose, bite-sized chapters, and fast-paced streamlined plots. Realizing the sales potential of this formula, he contributed to the promotion of his novel Along Came a Spider by taking the unusual step of creating and financing a television commercial for it. Jack & Jill is the third novel in Alex Cross series. Cross finds himself torn between two serial murder cases. The killer, a self-anointed patriot code-named "Jack" has, together with his partner "Jill," organized a bloody vendetta that gives the phrase "bleeding-heart liberals" a more visceral meaning. The second serial killer is active in Cross's own backyard, killing children who attend the Sojourner Truth School, the school Cross's own son attends. A child named Shanelle Green was killed with a baseball bat… You can listen online to free English audiobook “Jack and Jill” by James Patterson on our website. Enjoy it!