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Black Friday

James Brendan Patterson is an American author and philanthropist. Patterson was born on March 22, 1947, in Newburgh, New York, the son of Isabelle, a homemaker and teacher, and Charles Patterson, an insurance broker. In 1996 Patterson quit his advertising job to concentrate on writing. While continuing to work on the profitable Alex Cross series, he began to branch out into other literary genres, such as romance novels and historical fiction. For Miracle on the 17th Green, an inspirational story about a middle-aged golfer, Patterson undertook the practice of writing with a coauthor, and many of his subsequent novels were collaborations. He launched a second series with 1st to Die, which introduced readers to the Women’s Murder Club, a quartet of women professionals who team up to solve crimes. The series proved popular and served as the basis for a short-lived television series. Later entries in the numerically titled series, including 7th Heaven, 11th Hour, 14th Deadly Sin, and 16th Seduction, were written with coauthors. In Black Friday, Arch Carroll, head of the CIA's anti-terrorist division, and Caitlin Dylan, director of enforcement for the SEC, team up professionally, and later romantically, to locate the Wall Street terrorists before they strike again. Arch travels to Paris and back, as he finds himself on the trail of former Colonel David Hudson and his ragtag band of vengeance-seeking Vietnam veterans. Enjoy free online English audiobook “Black Friday”, a novel by James Patterson.

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