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Hide and Seek

James Brendan Patterson is an American author and philanthropist. Patterson was born in 1947 in Newburgh, a town that was then "the all-American city, and is now the murder capital of New York state". He has said that money was not plentiful when growing up, but greater poverty came from the emotional detachment of his father. "He never had a father around himself and while you did feel there was a bond, it wasn't expressed much. We weren't beaten. Food arrived on the table. But eventually, you see that parts of it were not optimal and you try to deal with that." Patterson was a Ph.D. candidate at Vanderbilt but acquired a job in advertising. He was an advertising executive at J. Walter Thompson. After he retired from advertising in 1996, he devoted his time to writing. In Hide and Seek, there is Maggie Bradford is a successful singer and songwriter. She has married twice and it appears that she has shot both husbands… And there is Will Shepherd, the celebrated soccer star who romances Maggie after her interim lover, an older tycoon, dies of a heart attack. The devastatingly handsome Will likes to hurt women, however, and sometimes even to kill them... Will seems to want Maggie to save him from himself. Using his beauty and charm on her and her children, he wins her hand in marriage. That union sets up a major-league deja vu, two murder trials that aren't quite riveting and a final Big Twist that will only surprise those fresh to the thriller genre. Listen online to free English audiobook "Hide and Seek” on our website to experience a novel by James Patterson.

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