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Gone With The Wind

'Gone with the Wind' by Margaret Mitchel has already become a classics of American literature], though it was published not so long ago. In 1936. Let us try to understand, what makes this otherwise ordinary love story such an epic novel. First of all, these are the characters. Each of them has a strong personality with many contradictions. Scarlett O'Hara is spoilt and obsolete, yet strong and brave. Rest Battle is wild-tempered and brutal, yet loving and caring. Ashley Wilks is gentle and charming, yet weak. We can continue this row endlessly, but you sure got the idea. Secondly, there is the plot, which is set in the historic background and with develops with breathtaking speed. Once a prosperous southern family of O'Hara is now swept away by furious winds of the Civil War. Life changes rapidly, and only those adapting to it will survive. Thirdly and finally, there is love. Crazy love and tender love, calculated and blind, loyal and wild. 'Gone with the Wind' is a love story in the first place, to which history just provides spectacular background. Listen online to this outstanding novel and be carried away by the wind of good literature.
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