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Blacklight Blue


Peter May is a Scottish television screenwriter, novelist, and crime writer. He has won several awards in France. He received the USA's Barry Award for The Blackhouse, the first in his internationally bestselling Lewis Trilogy.  In 2014 Entry Island won both the Scottish Crime Novel of the Year and a CWA Dagger as the ITV Crime Thriller Book Club Best Read of the Year. Series The Enzo Files, is set in France and is centred on the work of half-Italian, half-Scottish Enzo Macleod. In the first novel of this series, Extraordinary People, Enzo is sent on a disturbing scavenger hunt for body parts around France. In the second chapter of the series, The Critic, Enzo investigates the murder of a celebrated wine critic in the vineyards of the Gaillac region. The series continues on with the novels, Blacklight Blue, Freeze Frame, and Blowback. Blacklight Blue is the third novel in The Enzo Files series. Enzo takes on his third cold case described in a book by Parisian journalist Roger Raffin, the murder of a “rent boy” 16 years earlier, but Enzo’s investigation runs into trouble after he’s diagnosed with terminal cancer and he’s framed for murder. Evidently, the rent boy’s killer fears Enzo will solve the crime if he ever gets a chance. May makes the French settings sharply real while creating a seething tangle of emotional conflicts between Enzo and the people around him… Enjoy free online English audiobook “Blacklight Blue”, a novel by Peter May.

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