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Breakheart Pass


Alistair Stuart MacLean was a Scottish novelist who wrote popular thrillers and adventure stories. He was born in Glasgow but spent much of his childhood and youth in Daviot, ten miles south of Inverness. While his books might have an old-fashioned flavour MacLean was an author ahead of his time in one major way. When he recycled those components of his stories that resonated most with his readers into new stories, MacLean was really establishing his own literary brand. The times may have changed since MacLean wrote his first novel, but one thing hasn't changed: in the adventure fiction genre, MacLean is still the king. Breakheart Pass was first published in 1974. An army train carries a doctor and medical supplies from Reese City to small, cholera-stricken Fort Humboldt and some gold and silver bullion on to Virginia City. On board is card cheat-arsonist-murderer-gunman John Deakin, who is also a former doctor and is the captive of U.S. Marshal Pearce. Meanwhile, Fort Humboldt has been taken over by villainous Sepp Calhoun, who is secretly in with Marshal Pearce and the vengeful Paiute Indians. As the journey continues we slowly learn that all is not what it seems and that none of the characters is telling the whole truth. MacLean meticulously obliterates the lines defining exactly which characters are the good guys and which are bad. As the story winds down, the cunningly devious nature of the plan is finally revealed… You can listen online to free English audiobook “Breakheart Pass” by Alistair MacLean on our website.

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