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Moonraker is the third novel by Ian Fleming to feature his fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond. According to the author Raymond Benson, Moonraker is a deeper and more introspective book than Fleming's previous work, which allows the author to develop the characters further. In Moonraker, Millionaire Hugo Drax cheats at cards, the highest offence in polite English society. Special Agent James Bond is brought in to put Drax in his place, and Bond humiliates him in a tense game of bridge. After the game, Drax warns him that he had better spend his winnings quickly. Bond finds this comment suspicious but does not dwell on it at the time. Shortly after, Bond meets Drax again as he is assigned to work security at Drax's Moonraker facility where he is building a world-class rocket that will be capable of carrying an atomic bomb to any city in Europe. Bond senses something suspicious but can find no evidence of the contravention. The day before the launch of the Moonraker, Bond, with the assistance of police officer Gala Brand, discovers that Drax is actually a German agent working for the Soviets. He is planning on sending the Moonraker into the centre of London and detonating an atomic bomb. Before they can warn anyone, Bond and Brand are captured and held captive. There are just hours to go before the plan is enacted, and Bond has to find some way to escape and stop the madman… Listen online to free English audiobook "Moonraker” on our website to experience Ian Fleming's novel.

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