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You Only Live Twice


Ian Lancaster Fleming was born on 28 May 1908, at 27 Green Street in the wealthy London district of Mayfair. In 1914 Fleming attended Durnford School, a preparatory school on the Isle of Purbeck in Dorset. He did not enjoy his time at Durnford; he suffered unpalatable food, physical hardship and bullying. In May 1939 Fleming was recruited by Rear Admiral John Godfrey, Director of Naval Intelligence of the Royal Navy, to become his personal assistant. Casino Royale was the first of his 12 James Bond novels. Packed with violent action, hairbreadth escapes, international espionage, clever spy gadgets, intrigue, and gorgeous women, the books became international best sellers. The Bond books gained wide popularity in the United States after the newly elected president, John F. Kennedy, named a Bond novel on his list of favourite books in 1961. In You Only Live Twice by Ian Fleming, James Bond is dealing with the death of his new wife Tracy, who has been shot to death by his arch-nemesis, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Bond is devastated and trying to pick up the pieces of his old life. Unfortunately, his grief gives way to carelessness and forgetfulness, as he becomes accident prone and begins making mistakes that almost get himself and others killed… In 1967, the book was adapted into the fifth film in the Eon Productions series, starring Sean Connery as Bond. You can listen online to free English audiobook “You Only Live Twice” by Ian Fleming on our website. Enjoy it!

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