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The Wilt Inheritance

Tom Sharpe was an English bestselling novelist whose savagely satirical black comedies attacked the injustice of apartheid and the absurdities of academic life. Sharpe was educated at Bloxham School. He then was accepted to Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he read history and social anthropology. In 1951, Tom Sharpe moved to South Africa, where he worked as a social worker and a teacher, before being deported for sedition in 1961. His time in South Africa inspired his now-classic novels Riotous Assembly and Indecent Exposure, in which he mocked the apartheid regime. But the most beloved of his 16 novels depicted the comic misfortune of the ill-fated college lecturer Henry Wilt. The commonplace character’s outlandish predicaments began in the original book, Wilt, which turned into series. The Wilt Inheritance is the fifth and last book in series. Stuck in a job he doesn't want as nominal Head of the Communications Department at Fenland University, Wilt is still subject to the whims of The Powers That Be, both in and outside of work. But he can't afford to lose this job because of the expense of keeping the quads at an expensive school and of maintaining his snobbish wife, Eva. When Eva signs him up for a summer job, teaching the gun-toting idiot son of a lusty local aristocrat, Wilt is not amused. But Wilt sees that the situation could give Eva some headaches of her own. And will never miss a chance to give her that headache...You can listen online to free English audiobook “The Wilt Inheritance” by Tom Sharpe on our website. Enjoy it!

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