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Twice Shy

Dick Francis is widely acclaimed as one of the world's finest thriller writers. His awards include the Crime Writers' Association's Cartier Diamond Dagger for his outstanding contribution to the crime genre and an honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the Tufts University of Boston. Francis wrote more than 40 international best-sellers. Dick Francis is a novelist who writes in the mystery form. His plots, while appropriate to novels that deal with crime, transcend the mere puzzle aspect of the traditional mystery. In a world peopled with interesting, varied characters driven by believable motivations, Francis expresses his concern with the disastrous effects of crime on everyone. He entertains, but he also gives the reader much to think about beyond the accustomed satisfactions of the genre. Twice Shy is the 20th of Francis’ novels and was published in 1981. Following what was by then a tried and true formula it is a fast-paced story of decent chaps up against unscrupulous ones and, as always, there is horse racing at its heart. Instead of one decent, reluctant hero, here there are two: the Derry brothers, who fight the same monster-villain but 14 years apart. First, we meet 30-ish narrator Jonathan Derry, a physics teacher who is given some computer-tapes by a pal. And when the pal promptly dies in a boat explosion, a couple of thugs pay Jonathan a visit, who, since he happens to be an Olympic marksman, fends them off with a gun… Enjoy free online English audiobook “Twice Shy”, a novel by Dick Francis.

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