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The Alchemist

The bestselling novel of Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho is now available as an audiobook. "The Alchemist” is translated to 67 languages and published in more than 117 counties; more than 300 million books were sold all over the world. One of the most significant scientific journals on Portuguese language claimed that this novel is the most popular book ever written in Portuguese. The plot of the novel is fairly simple: a shepherd Santiago lives in Andalusia, in Spain. One day he sees a dream, calling him to Egypt, to the ancient pyramids, where great treasure waits for him. On the way to this distant land, Santiago meets strangers, who give him magical gifts saving him from dangerous situations. The main character overcomes many difficulties before he reaches Africa. There the alchemist is waiting for him to uncover the secrets of Santiago’s soul. The novel of Paulo Coelho is full of symbols and signs, referring to the Bible and Talmud; it also contains various literature and cultural allusions. A thoughtful reader will discover philosophic ideas hidden underneath the plot. To listen online to audiobook "The Alchemist” means to unravel the puzzles of Paulo Coelho and to sneak into the secrecy of your own heart.
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