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Rich Dad, Poor Dad

A book by an American executive of Japanese origin Robert Kiyosaki "Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is one of the most business books. It is on the list of must-read books for millionaires. The author grew up in Hawaii in a not very wealthy family and his father taught him to work hard and relied thoroughly on the education system. At the same time, Robert spent time with his friend from a richest family of the island and his father, who told the boys about the money and how the financial system worked. "Rich Dad, Poor Dad” describes the difference between these mindsets and shows how to quit the endless circle of hard work for small wages. Robert Kiyosaki states, that classical education has no value and the best source of knowledge is business itself, not books about it. He writes about the importance to start your own business and to make it flourishing. Audiobook "Rich Dad, Poor Dad” inspired millions of people to change their life and listening online to it can bring you one step closer to your goal of prosperous future.
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