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The Danger


Richard Stanley Francis was a British crime writer, and former steeplechase jockey, whose novels centre on horse racing in England. Francis was born in Coedcanlas, Pembrokeshire, Wales. His autobiography says that he was born at his maternal grandparents' farm at Coedcanlas on the estuary of the River Cleddau, roughly a mile north-west of Lawrenny. His mother had likely returned to her parents' home to give birth, as was a custom. Dick Francis left school at 15 without any qualifications, intending to become a jockey; by the time he was 18, in 1938, he also was training horses. Andrew Douglas works for Liberty Market, an agency specialising in kidnappings: advising on their prevention, negotiating ransoms, providing advice and support to the families and victims. The Danger follows him through three kidnap cases in three countries: young Italian jockey Alessia Cenci, three-year-old English boy Dominic Nerrity, and Jockey Club official Morgan Freemantle. Douglas soon deduces that all three cases have links to the world of racing and that a single individual is responsible for all of three. Douglas’ work depends on a good relationship with local police forces. The police can be overly focused on capturing the kidnappers rather than rescuing the victim, whereas Douglas always puts the victim first. And not just their physical safety - he thinks about the emotional and financial implications too. Enjoy free online English audiobook “The Danger”, a novel by Dick Francis.

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