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Dick Francis wrote more than 40 international best-sellers. His first book was his autobiography The Sport of Queens, for which he was offered the aid of a ghostwriter, which he spurned. The book's success led to his becoming the racing correspondent for London's Sunday Express newspaper, and he continued in that job for 16 years. He set his first thriller, Dead Cert, published in 1962, in the world of horse racing, establishing a specialized niche for his work. Proof is one of Dick Francis' strongest books, and when you're talking about a master like Francis, that's saying something. In this book, Tony Beach, a wine merchant nearly out of his mind with grief over the recent death of his young wife, is engaged to supply the drinks for a trainer's end-of-season party. A horrific accident ensues, but not before Tony hears a rumour that a restaurant nearby has been selling whiskey that is not what the label claims it is. At the same time as the police investigate the accident, Tony is contacted by an inspector who is assigned to follow up on complaints about the false labelling of spirits in several local establishments. The officer asks him to help the police with their inquiries by becoming their expert on wine and spirits. Tony agrees… As in some other recent novels, Dick Francis here develops the plot around a subject other than horse racing, though there are a few perfunctory nods to it. You can listen online to free English audiobook “Proof” by Dick Francis on our website.

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