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The Edge


Richard Stanley Francis was a British crime writer. His first book was his autobiography The Sport of Queens, for which he was offered the aid of a ghostwriter, which he spurned. Dick Francis, a former jockey himself, has carved out a marvellous career as a mystery writer, with more than thirty novels to his credit. Never one to overwrite, Francis has won a loyal following by writing about what he knows with precision and clarity of purpose. The Edge is Francis’ twenty-seventh novel, and it carries on in the tautly paced and highly readable tradition of his earlier books. This time out, the setting is the racetracks of Canada and a specially chartered train carrying a group of wealthy owners and their horses to a series of races designed to promote the sport. Into this world of luxury and privilege comes a potential viper: Julius Apollo Filmer, an owner who has left a trail of unexplained deaths in his wake. British Jockey Club agent Tor Kelsey boards the train disguised as a waiter and attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding several of its passengers as a series of dangerous mishaps plagues the trans-Canadian excursion. Before the conspiracy can be untangled, Francis builds the suspense to an appropriate boil. With a wonderful mix of eccentric and complex characters - and just the proper amount of local colour and expertise in various technical subjects - Francis has again succeeded in creating a first-rate mystery. Enjoy free online English audiobook “The Edge”, a breathtaking novel by Dick Francis.

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