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Richard Stanley Francis was a British crime writer. During the Second World War, Francis volunteered, hoping to join the cavalry. Instead, he served in the Royal Air Force, working as ground crew and later piloting fighter and bomber aircraft, including the Spitfire and Hurricane fighters, and the Wellington and Lancaster bombers. After leaving the RAF in 1946, Francis became a highly successful jockey, reaching celebrity status in the world of British National Hunt racing. He won over 350 races, becoming a champion jockey in the 1953–54 season. All his novels deal with crime in the horse-racing world, with some of the criminals being outwardly respectable figures. Nerve is the second novel by the author. Robert Finn watches a fellow steeplechase jockey blow his brains out in the parade ring at Dunstable races, just before a race. As Finn and the other jockeys cope, some better than others, with the stress of their jobs, other incidents lead him to conclude that someone is trying to destroy the lives of jockeys all over England. Finn is not the average jockey. The only child of famous virtuoso musicians and the single family member to not be gifted musically, he has followed a different path than that of his family's vocation. But steeplechase is an equestrian sport that takes a very special kind of athlete. Jockeys have to be a little crazy, fearless, and sort of adrenaline junkies to enter into the sport… You can listen online to free English audiobook “Nerve” by Dick Francis on our website.

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