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The Seed of McCoy


John Griffith Chaney, later Jack London, was born into a turbulent bohemian world in San Francisco, the child of Flora Wellman and, she believed, her common-law husband, William Henry Chaney, an itinerant astrologer who deserted her. Flora married John London on 7 September in 1876. Jack heard from a family member at age twenty-one that John was not his father. Perhaps in part because of the psychological dualities of his childhood, London frequently attempted to conjoin opposites in his work, such as socialism and individualism, wanderlust and love of home, travel overseas and California ranching, Friedrich Nietzsche versus Karl Marx or Charles Darwin, racism versus brotherhood. He wrote fifty books on extremely diverse subjects, including 198 short stories. His tale The Seed of McCoy was first published in 1909. A cargo ship with a great fire raging below decks puts in at Pitcairn Island in the South Pacific where the captain and crew learn to their dismay that there is nowhere on that very remote island where they can beach the ship, so they have no alternative but to go on to the nearest island with a suitable lagoon, which is several hundred miles away. Guided by the governor of Pitcairn Island, they set out on on this desperate dash for safety, but fog, wayward currents, a hurricane wind and plain bad luck combine to make their chances of coming to safety ever more remote. Enjoy free online English audiobook “The Seed of McCoy”, breathtaking short story by Jack London.

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