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A Feast of Crows

Both fans of original series of novels "A Song of Ice and Fire” and those of TV series "A Game of Thrones” anticipated the fourth book in a row with great excitement. We are now proud to offer you to listen online to "A Feast of Crows”. Right after the publishing this fantasy novel settles as New York Times Bestseller, what happens rarely in this genre. George Martine continues to describe in his epic manner the turbulent landscape of Westeros. Let’s review it from North to South. Jon Snow gains huge respect in the Night Watch, notwithstanding displeasure of some brothers. He is about to become the Lord Commander and face the challenges with wildlings and white walkers. On the Iron Islands with fight for the Seastone chair is in full mode. In the Vale Sansa Stark learns how to rule under careful guidance from the Littlefinger, while in the King’s Landing Cercei Lannister, who is now regent, repeats serious management mistakes leading Westeros to political, religious and economic calamity. Across the sea in Braavos Arya Stark begins her training in the Temple of Him of Many Faces. To sum it up, "A Feast of Crows” is a dynamic, multi-focused novel that continues the epic story of the modern age.
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