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The Winter of Our Discontent


John Ernst Steinbeck Jr. was an American author. He has been called "a giant of American letters," and many of his works are considered classics of Western literature. A study by the Center for the Learning and Teaching of Literature in the United States found that Of Mice and Men was one of the ten most frequently read books in public high schools. Steinbeck's last novel, The Winter of Our Discontent, examines moral decline in America. The Winter of Our Discontent is the story of Ethan Allen Hawley, a member of a once great family turned broke. Ethan, an honest man, spends his days reliving the old days of family glory, while working as a grocery clerk in a store his family once owned.  Yet on Good Friday, his way of living is questioned by some of the people closest to him. These people, as well as his children and other members of the town, all encourage him to bring back the riches and glory of his family name. On discovering that the current store owner, Italian immigrant Alfio Marullo, may be an illegal immigrant, Ethan makes an anonymous tip to the Immigration and Naturalization Service. After Marullo is taken into custody, he transfers ownership of the store to Ethan through the actions of the very government agent that caught him. Marullo gives Ethan the store because he believes that Ethan is honest and deserving… You can listen online to free English audiobook “The Winter of Our Discontent” by John Steinbeck on our website.

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