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Little Speck in Garnered Fruit

William Sydney Porter, or more famously known by his pen name O. Henry, was a popular short story writer during the early twentieth century. A writer whose personal life paralleled his fictional works, Porter lived a varied life throughout the South, Honduras, and New York City. In 1895 William worked as a columnist at the Houston Daily Post, but he was soon ordered to court in Austin on charges of embezzlement during his employment at First National Bank. The manager and owner had filed a report that claimed William had stolen nearly $5,000 while he worked at the bank. Upon hearing the charges against him, William made his way to New Orleans where he boarded a boat for Honduras. After 7 months in Honduras, William returned to Austin in 1897 because his wife was very ill. Upon his return to Texas, William was formally charged with embezzlement. He was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison at the Ohio Penitentiary. So, O. Henry brought his own information about prison and “the life of crime” into his stories. O. Henry wrote numerous short stories while in prison, witty short stories with unexpected endings, as always, because his art is the art of ingenuity. He can twist a story out of anything. It is not what he says but the way he says it. Listen online to free English audiobook "Little Speck in Garnered Fruit” on our website to experience the short story by O. Henry.

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