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Mammon and the Archer


O. Henry, a former convict, is best known for his witty short stories with unexpected endings. Born William Sydney Porter, this author decided to use a pen name for his writings while he was in prison and afterwards. Now known as O. Henry, it is quite clear that he was inspired by the twists and turns of his own life.  In many of his pieces, O. Henry used his own life and wit as inspiration to communicate his stories to the readers. O. Henry chose to write as people spoke, with colloquialisms woven into the characters' voices. Gangsters, waitresses, cops, inmates, all of them are channelled through O. Henry's imagination. While O.Henry’s style is to use inspiration from his own life to aid his stories, another big part of his style is to have ironic, witty endings. In the short story Mammon and the Archer the son of a wealthy, but the insecure businessman is smitten with a young lady who has money of her own. Unfortunately, the young woman doesn't have much time to give to the wealthy man's son, so he accompanies her on a brief journey from a train station to a theatre where her parents are waiting. Along the way, the son loses a ring given to him by his sentimental aunt. Stopping to find it causes the carriage they're riding in to be delayed. But just long enough for the pair to fall in love… Try to listen online to English audiobook "Mammon and the Archer” for free and enjoy the story by O. Henry.

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